Would you love to enjoy summer with one of these inviting outdoor home designs? Unchain your creativity and create your own outdoor kitchen with BBQ Elegant.

BBQ Elegant: For a personalized outdoor deck

At BBQ Elegant, we work tirelessly to offer you the best outdoor design, and our team of experienced and skilled professionals, and trusted partners ensure this. Whether it is for a kitchen or an outdoor living space, our experts will assist you with every stage in the realization of your project and, advise you as wisely as possible on the choice of materials, the location and layout of various elements.

Are you dreaming of a stylish outdoor kitchen with a sophisticated design that meets your requirements? At BBQ Elegant, this is what we promise you, and much more. Our creations combine convenience and aesthetics, which stand out with their unique and sustainable design. Creating an outdoor kitchen is a great investment. It is the reason why we will leave nothing to chance. Plans, electricity, gas, plumbing, carpentry and masonry: everything is carefully planned. From design to realization, our projects are built according to the highest quality standards, where the end result meets your requirements perfectly.

Much more than just an outdoor kitchen manufacturer, BBQ Elegant is the ultimate creative partner for all your outdoor design projects. Our combination of accuracy, sense of detail, use of quality materials and expertise have helped build our reputation as a trusted company.

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Combining elegance and convenience, our outdoor kitchens bring you the perfect balance between sophistication and sustainability. Designed with quality materials, they harmonize perfectly to your home and offer you a unique and user-friendly place to socialize.


As a place to socialize and entertain friends and family, or to just relax by yourself, a terrace is the perfect outdoor lounge to do this. Whether you want a red cedar or exotic wood patio, or a natural stone or slate terrace, our experts at BBQ Elegant will guide you in the realization of your project, using the best available products and, always according to your preferences, your budget and your goals.


Are you the undisputed BBQ chef? Then why not get a BBQ that will compliment your great talent? At BBQ Elegant, we offer a wide range of luxury barbecues. Imagine yourself grilling and preparing your best dishes on a BBQ of professional caliber in your own outdoor kitchen, which you designed yourself!


We all can agree that summer evenings are the perfect time to find yourself in good company around a fire. With a wide range of designs and materials, add a touch of warmth and refinement to your terrace with an outdoor fireplace of superior quality that is customized to your taste.