Encased BBQ, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, patio or deck…everything you need for a perfect summer.


Design your outdoor area using innovative and sophisticated concepts. Detailed design plans, planning and collaboration are the key focuses of BBQ Elegant, which ensures a flawless result.


No need to sacrifice aesthetics in order to get a quality project. With our many products and materials, you are assured that your external facilities will be as sustainable as they are stylish.


Our courteous and professional staff will guide you towards the type of products best suited to your needs. Owners of RVs, please note that we offer the connection and installation of BBQ on your recreational vehicles. Regardless of where we are, a good BBQ is always something we like to treat ourselves to.


When was the last time you had your BBQ inspected? Not too sure? You are not alone. Surveys show that BBQs are the most neglected appliance in the home.
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The importance of maintaining your BBQ

It is very important to regularly clean and maintain your BBQ in order to remove grease and to check the correct use of your BBQ.

If you do not feel comfortable doing the maintenance yourself, do not hesitate to contact us so we can do the inspection/repair of your BBQ; for both your comfort and safety.

Our certified technicians will be happy to meet you and resolve any problem.

Our inspection and repair service includes:

  • Leak tests on regulators, hoses and valves;
  • Inspection and cleaning of the burners and venturi tubes;
  • Inspection of grids, ignition switches, electrodes, etc.; and
  • Retightening of the bolts (if necessary).

For an outstanding result, everything starts with unparallelled service. It is for this reason that BBQ Elegant offers you a personalized service from start to finish. Improving the outdoor design of your house is a great investment that deserves rigorous and flawless preparation.

By entrusting us with the realization of your outdoor design project, you can be assured that we will plan the design of your project based on a detailed plan that we will develop in collaboration with you for the best possible customization. Our team of skilled professionals will do the installation with robust materials of superior quality so that your project will be as sustainable as it is stylish. The Quebec winters can be harsh on outdoor facilities and that is why we make it a point to offer you materials that are both weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Does your luxury BBQ require some maintenance? It will be our pleasure to perform this task for you!

Protect your BBQ with a quality, custom made cover, for ultimate protection.

Is your BBQ used and dirty? Before getting rid of it, contact us! We can give your BBQ a second life at the fraction of the cost of a new one. Our professionals will throughly clean your BBQ and repair or replace any of the components, like your burners or ignition.
Don’t spend a fortune, call us!